Greetings all,

Not time for my end of year/beginning of new year post yet. Instead I’d like to get a little serious (and no I’m not going to talk about Trump, because it’s just too depressing) but not a downer. I do what I can to help out in the world, I have been fortunate all my life and I give to those who have been less so.

I’ve always supported various charities and I believe in activism (I’ll admit just on-line for me, though I certainly support peaceful protests anywhere). All of this is just to tell you about a site I was contact about called WEROES.

The world is screwed up in many ways and I think it’s important that all of us find time to fix it, even if it’s just a little bit for a few minutes whenever we can. Enough from me though, check this out and I hope you’ll be a force for positive change.