Hello all,

Well it’s almost the end of March (and here in Newfoundland it’s bitter cold, yesh!) and time for my thoughts on our winter vacation. It’s getting late so this won’t be as detailed as usual and well it’s my blog I do this more for myself than anything else.

This year we went down a little earlier due to some changes at work. As such I’m back already and will no doubt have to face at least 1-3 more winter storms 🙁 But enough grumbling, so this is the only political thing I’ll say. I thought that customs might be harder with Trump as president, turns it is was easier than ever (with the exception of a drug sniffing dog but that didn’t bother me.) That’s not saying I think Trump made any kind of correct decision with security, I’m as anti-Trump as you can get but just being clear that personally I didn’t have any ill effects (which I was a little concerned could happen.)

A lot of a vacation for me just means good weather, realization, writing and of course eating out/drinking. I did plenty of all that. Aside form the usual visit to The Jungle (which was better than ever! I’ve your in Melbourne/Sebastian/Grant, FL you should really go there). We also went to Captain Hiram’s, Outriggers, The Melting Pot and a new place (for us) The Mansion. Jungle is by far my favorite but I do also enjoy Melting Pot (very unique eating experience) and we will return to the Mansion (if only for the beer/wine/cider selection!). There were other places but that’s enough to list.

17498919_10154832984096141_3669388957139643104_nI got a got bit of writing done. Lately I have been working on short-stories and I got 4 of them written (rough drafts) and contacted a new editor (Heather Reily from Reily Books) got back in touch with the artist I used for “The Gathering Dark” (Kevin Kendall of Kendallight Studios) and will be making the most of his awesome talent again. My next book is a collection of short-stories and unreleased material from the Newfoundland Vampire series. It will also have 2 preview chapters from book IV, exciting! I’ll give you more news on that in future post but (fingers crossed) I can say it should be available by mid-July.

17425981_10154832984646141_2076925166341335992_nI also read lots of comics (as is my habit, I only listen to novels lately) as I was busy also doing yard work and driving my parents and wife around, I didn’t get to finish the latest audio book. It’s a poker book and I should have it listened to in the next 2-3 weeks hopefully. We swam in the pool a lot, relaxed outside in the Florida room and generally enjoyed the good weather along with time with family and friends.

17425972_10154832984241141_1768469455208932514_nRather than post a lot of pictures I’ll just point you here to the Facebook post I did for more. This way if you want to friend me, I’ll certainly consider you 🙂 While we had a couple of cold days, the weather was overall excellent but that’s the way it is for FL. It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing! 🙂

We went to three movies. Get Out, Logan and Beauty and the Beast. While Get Out was quite good, Logan was just amazing! (I had 3 drinks to get through Beauty and the Beast). I think AMC is doing a great job and if you’re any kind of a comic-book/Hug Jackman/Western fan you NEED to see this movie! I’m planning on seeing it again this week, I truly loved it.

I also got a chance to see two concerts. Gordon Lightfoot at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce. I love Gordon and I enjoyed the show but I have to admit he needs to stop touring. This was my second time seeing him and I noticed his voice had worsened from even 5 years ago (he was funnier back then too). His voice is becoming very faded and at times it is hard to hear him at all. He also told the same joke 3 times, it was sad. So unless you’re a huge fan and have never seen him, I would suggest seeing someone else, just buy or download his stuff and sing along.

Someone who wasn’t a disappointment was The Pretenders and Stevie Knicks. I saw Fleetwood Mac a few years ago and Stevie’s voice was off that night. At the Amway center, however, she sounded great and put on an excellent show. The Pretenders were also really good (Chrissie said her voice was off that night and I admired her for having the guts to do so). Both Hynde and Knicks are not just great singers/songwriters, they are also great people. Stevie in particular is always so thankful to the audience and always leaves you with such a positive message, I feel good just having seen her. I also have to say for two women in their 60’s, they looked great and both had lots of energy.

17498516_10154832984291141_5811170852977678156_nThis was near the end of our vacation and we finished it off with some shopping and I made a trip to two comic book store. (Coliseum of Comics and Mike’s Comics & Collectibles). If you’re curious lately I’ve been reading, “The Boys” by Garth Ennis (really good but ADULTS ONLY!), Y the Last Man (also excellent and for MATURE readers), Supreme Power (not the new Marvel one, really good, MATURE readers) and other random stuff I picked up. I also always make a trip to Rennigers Flea Market (which has great homemade stuff, snacks and good deals on comics) and Hales Groves grocery store (which is sadly going down hill in terms of selection and homemade stuff).

17499491_10154832984576141_7173049184580263975_nWell this got longer than I thought. Overall I had an excellent trip, of course there was stuff that happened that is private and I won’t discuss here. I will say though that every year more and more I just wish I could stay the whole winter. Unless something goes seriously wrong my wife and I will eventually spend 5-6 months in FL every year. It’s a dream but I’m lucky enough that I think it will be a reality by the time I’m 55 or 56 (fingers crossed!). I better start a movie review, have a good one everyone!