I hope I didn’t lose you at YA, because Charlie’s story is anything but ordinary. First, I’m going to tell you my plan, and then I’ll let you have a sneak peek into Charlie’s world. Today is release day, and the reviews from the ARCs I sent out are rolling in, so if you don’t believe me, go check them out for yourself.

The Plan:

Charlie will have two books as a teenager, and so will Sean. Same story, different POVs.

Becoming Charlie – Part One
Becoming Charlie – Part Two
Becoming Sean – Part One
Becoming Sean – Part Two

The end of both of the second parts will have alternate endings. See, this series is good for all ages, well, above 13 anyway. The first ending at the end of part two will end completely for the younger audience with a HEA, while the other will end on a pretty big cliffhanger. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you will read both endings. And that’s completely fine. You’re going to need that closure to get you through until I get the ADULT book written. Yes, Charlie and Sean are 15 and 17 in part one. They are 16 and 18 in part two. They will be 25 and 27 in book 3. One book will wrap up their adult book, and yes, it will be titled…

Becoming Us.

Here’s the prologue. If you decide to purchase the book and love it, please return and leave an honest review. And tell your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

pain is a real thing.
most cases, when mental pain is triggered, the brain sends signals to the
heart, causing it to contract so fiercely that it pulls the tendons and nerves—the
heartstrings—that support the most important muscle in the human body.
Sometimes these tendons snap, causing an intense, physical reaction. Most of
the time, this type of pain stays in the chest area, settling in around the
heart, making the individual who is experiencing it hyperventilate or feel extreme
discomfort. Instances that might cause this to happen are getting your heart
broken, losing a friend, loved one or pet, witnessing or hearing about
something horrible or even reading a good ugly-cry book.
is another type of mental pain that is so much worse. The type of mental pain
I’m referring to is so severe and traumatic that, almost immediately after the
mind registers what happened, it starts to shut down as a defense, and in some
cases blacks out and causes the person to forget what took place, a condition also
known as amnesia. Numbness and/or bouts of anger usually occur when this
happens. Some triggers for this type of mental pain are losing a child,
accidentally killing someone, being a victim of rape or PTSD (Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder), to name just a few.

I suffer from the second one. Or maybe I should
say that I used to suffer from the second one. The day Sean Reese walked into
my life was the day I started to heal and live again. My name is Charlie Mason.
If you have a little while, I’d like to tell you my story.


The Becoming series will be available at B&N, Kobo, iBooks and anywhere else digital books are sold. If you’d like a paperback, those can be purchased at Amazon, too.