Hi all,

I know the convention was over more than a month ago. While I share a lot here I’m not sharing what has been going on in my life the last month. I’ll just say it’s family, personal and very sad but life goes on and I’m finally ready to give my thoughts on Sci-Fi on the Rock 11.

As you can see there were some amazing costumes there. I only took a few pictures as I was busy selling and chatting with people. I love conventions, I know I’ve said this before but it’s true. Sure it’s a grind to sit there all weekend but the energy in the room is always excellent, I get to talk with other geeky people and see people that I only see at cons.


SFOTR has it down pat. They certainly run the best convention I’ve been to in Newfoundland. All the volunteers do an amazing job and my hat’s off to all the organizing committee. The Shearton is a great spot for it and I must say I enjoyed having easy access to food (as a vegetarian this can be tricky sometimes!) and getting there early I managed to get a parking spot (also thanks to the hotel who made it free for the weekend.)


As for the con itself, excellent guests, great panels (I only got to attend one though and give one myself) and of course lots of great people. The world has changed and as cos-play continues to grow in popularity and the success of geeky TV shows and movies, it’s great to see more and more people come to conventions. I was pleasantly surprised to see not one but two hairstylists come by my table. (My brother and I own a beauty supply business, I won’t mention the website as it is under construction.)


The panel I saw was a Q&A for Doug Jones. I might have attended more panels but my sales were going so well I didn’t want to miss out! (A good complaint 🙂 Doug was very funny and while I could have done without the screech in ceremony (I know it’s part of the Newfoundland tradition but I’m sick of it and I think it’s become cliche), I was thoroughly entertained. I’ll also add that this is just my feelings on the screech in, the crowd seemed to enjoy it so I’m probably in the minority.


This was another opportunity for me to sell copies of my third book in my Newfoundland Vampire series, The Gathering Dark. As I hinted at my sales went very well, people were in the mood to buy and while I won’t give exact numbers it was probably my best convention ever in terms of sales! I hope people enjoy my books and I look forward next year to introducing them to something different as I publish my first book of short-stories.

Aside from me there were plenty of great vendors and artists including Kevin Kendall (who I’ll be getting to do the cover for my fourth book). While he’s neither one of my favorite guests (and con friend) Fat Apollo was there and I wished I could have spent more time with him. It was a busy and tiring weekend for me and I just didn’t have the time. I was glad that people came to my panel and asked questions, I work every year to make it better and appreciate the feedback.

If the link hasn’t expired I’ll give some official feedback now. As always a great time at SFOTR, lots of people, good times and plenty of geeky fun, already looking forward to Avalon Expo and of course SFOTR 12!