Hi all,

I’m on the ball this year, just home from the con a week and already my review ready! (I’ll be honest I did most of this while I was still there). So here’s my thoughts on this year’s Atlanti-Con. First off I want to thank Jeff, Arlene, Paul, Angela and everyone involved with the con (sorry I’m not great with names) for another great job! This is one of the most organized and smoothly run cons I’ve ever been to. I always look forward to heading out to the west coast for this convention. I love the West Coast of Newfoundland (even hope to move out here someday) and it’s always great to visit. Everyone always makes me feel welcome, is super-friendly and I always have a great time ūüôā I’d also like to thank the always hilarious (and all around great guy)¬†Fat Apollo. Got a chance to meet and chat with Mike Feehan¬†(nice guy, super-talented artist)¬†and I’m always happy to hang out with¬†Paul Carberry, Jeff Keeping, Kevin Kendall and all the other great people who I call “con friends”. One of the things I always love at any con (and¬†Altanti-Con¬†is no exception!) is all the amazing cosplay. Other guests included Carla Perez and Lily Hunter.


As you can see some great costumes. I’ll say right away that sales-wise this was an okay year for me. The same was the case for Sci-fi on the Rock, people don’t buy my books anymore. I’m not looking for pity, just a sign of the economy here in NL and an indication for me that it’s time for a change. I will put out my last vampire book (I couldn’t leave the series unfinished) and then I’m going to try my hand at non-fiction. Reader’s of this blog know my Dad passed away last year and I think a book about him would be a great experience for me and hopefully one readers will enjoy as well.


I always enjoy meeting new people, encouraging other authors (and really anyone to write, it’s a great hobby/passion) and this year I got the chance to introduce some young people to comic books (I hope they enjoyed my recommendations). As someone who has loved comics for 30+ years I always try to encourage others to do the same. I also sold some Magic cards and was happy to see a $20 I’ve had for a number of years finally sell.

I went two 3 panels (all of which I enjoyed) and hosted my own. People came and asked questions, which always makes me happy.


As always I have a few suggestions that I think could make Atlanti-con even better in the future. Years ago there was a social for all the guests and vendors at a bar, this was a lot of fun and I think it would be great if Jeff could do it again sometime. I’m not familiar with all the places here but Sorrento is close to the convention center (and the Glynmill Inn where the guests stay), has excellent food and a bar. Myself and a couple of vendors also felt that perhaps Saturday could be shortened, 8:30-8 pm is quite a long day, perhaps finishing at 6:30 or 7 pm in future years. While Paul can yell (or just speak loudly) I think next year announcements would work a lot better with some kind of PA system in the vendors room. This could also mean some background music played (geeky themed of course) during the course of the weekend as well. Finally it would be great if I could connect to a projector in the panel room (the one that was there was in the ceiling and I didn’t have a cord), I do a power point presentation and it was a little harder to without anything to connect with.

Overall an excellent convention. I’ll be sure to come back, mostly likely in two years due to work commitments¬† My hat’s off to everyone involved, I have had some wonderful times out in Corner Brook and I know there are plenty more to come. Great guests, fun panels, wonderful people and of course a day or two off work is always a good thing. I’ll also add that I appreciate being provided with a water cooler in the dealer’s room this year. I wish Jeff and everyone else the best of success, keep up the great work and I’ll see you soon!