Greetings all,

I know it’s the end of November and I’m just doing this. Work was really busy, we moved (and will be moving again in a few weeks) and as anyone who follows this blog, I do see a lot of movies and read some books (all of which I review). Aside from that I didn’t have the pictures until recently, so here it is, better late than never!




My apologies for the picture quality, it was a dark room and I forgot to ask my wife to take any. That’s my good friend Danny Dyer (an award winning professor at MUN, for all four launches he has always introduced me, he does a great job and I’m thankful that he has always come through. First though some background, this was for my 4th book, “The Chaos Stories: Tales of Magic, Terror, Passion and Blood“, which is my first collection of short-stories (and is currently getting 5 stars on Amazon). It was also the first time my dad wasn’t present for a launch, he sadly passed away in June (something I’ll talk more about for my end of year post). It was also the first time I had my co-reader do her part over the phone (as Heather had taken a teaching job in Stephenville).

Also to be clear I do mean Heather Reily, my editor, and an author in her own right. I’ll thank her now publicly¬† for doing a great job with the reading over the phone. This is a little disjointed so let’s get back on track. My book launch this year was once again at The Ship Pub (great pub in downtown St. John’s if you’re nearby) at this year was on Oct 1st. The attendance was a little smaller than last year, maybe 15 people plus a few others in he bar, so still a good number. I sold around a dozen copies and gave my usual book reading. This time it was the short-story “Robots” (edited so I wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of my Mom and relatives) a dark humor/sci-fi tale. I read the male parts and Heather read the female ones (over the phone, which actually worked well as she sounded even more robotic). I got a good amount of laughs and a hearty applause at the end.


I love my book launches. I know that means I have something of an ego but it’s the only time I get any public in-person recognition for anything I do in my life. I get to buy drinks for my friends and family, we all have food (Ship’s food is excellent!) and have a nice chat. My thanks also to great staff at the Ship and to the owner Tony who lets me have a book launch every time for free! Very much appreciated.

This year I also got to meet my friend’s new girlfriend and it’s an interesting time as my friends, family and even some staff from work all get to hang out together. Sure it’s a little work (I rehearse for over a month), some money and means staying up late on a Sunday but always well worth it. I hope the next one will bring even more people and I’m sure will be another great time.