Hi everyone,

After a difficult June (it’s a not secret anymore, my father passed away. I’m not getting into it here, if you want to talk about it you can send me a message) I’m glad to announce my first short-story collection “THE CHAOS STORIES: TALES OF MAGIC, TERROR, PASSION AND BLOOD” is in the final editing process and I have two rough sketches (and one almost finished version) of the cover to share! As I was very happy with the cover for book 3, I decided to get the always amazing, super-friendly and generous Kevin Kendall to do another cover for me. I share with you now all three versions (the feature one being the latest).


Expect to have the book in your hands (or on your screen) by early August. This is a very different kind of book for me. It contains short-stories, deleted vampire chapters from books I-III in my Newfoundland Vampire series, two preview chapters from the forthcoming fourth book in the NL vampire series and even works by other authors who are part of an author group (Four Phoenixes Publishing, of which I’m also a member).


So this is a great time to read all 3 of my vampire books (if you haven’t already). I’ve been told they make for great summer reading. Speaking of, I hope you’re all having a great summer. As I said above mine was off to a rough start but I’m feeling better and getting out an enjoying the sun. Have a wonderful day/morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I’ll talk to you again soon.