Details from IMDB:

The House (2017)

| | Comedy | 30 June 2017 (USA)


After the town takes away their daughter’s college scholarship a mum and dad start an illegal casino in their friend’s house to make back the money


Andrew Jay Cohen

Initial Thoughts:
I’ll say right off I didn’t want to see this movie. I knew it was going to be terrible but as anyone who follows this blog knows, we have a system. I pick a movie and then my wife pick’s one, I got to see the new spider-man (review coming soon!) so I had to suffer through this unfunny mess.
Main Points:
The plot is thread-bare and I won’t waste your time getting into it. This is supposed to be a comedy but it has a serious problem, 90% of the time it isn’t funny. It doesn’t matter what Will Ferrell or Amy Poehler do, it’s just crap and they can’t save it. Also for a change they decide to through in graphic violence (with blood and stuff getting cut off) along with lots of foul language. I’m no prude and I’ve scene lots of violence onscreen but neither of these things help.
There are two fight scenes that are some fun to watch and Pohler looks good, that’s and it’s not very long (under 1.5 hours) there’s nothing else redeeming for me to say here.
Final Thoughts:
Please don’t bother to see this. Spider-man: Homecoming (or Wonder Woman) or I’d say anything else in theater is better than this. I don’t recommend it at all and I give it a dismal 4 out 10. Until next time (which will be another movie review, I’ve got so many comics to read any book review is a long time away).