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The Equalizer 2 (2018)

| | ActionCrimeThriller | 20 July 2018 (USA)
Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?


Antoine Fuqua


Richard WenkMichael Sloan (based on the television series created by) |1 more credit »

Initial Thoughts:
Denzel, like they said on Angel (not a great show BTW) “Everyone love’s Denzel.” I’ve always thought he is an excellent actor, as such I’ll see almost anything he does (everyone does a few stinkers and besides he’s done a lot, can’t see it all). I enjoyed the first Equalizer (loved it really), so this one got ok reviews and we decided to go see it.
Main Points:
This movie we learn more about Robert McCall (Denzel) and get to see him grow as a character. As before there is some excellent acting with Denzel and some great action scenes. The other actors do a good job and Antoine Fuqa’s direction is good (as always).
The issue here is that there’s just not much of a story. While it’s a little different from the first one, ultimately McCall goes from just doing stuff (by stuff I mean killing people, or at least beating them senseless) to help people he cares for (or innocents, in particular women who are abused by men) to going on a crusade to get all those involved for killing someone close to him.
I also couldn’t help but notice three glaring plot holes (one of these in the preview so I can talk about it). A woman gets beaten (and presumably raped) by a group of guys and McCall is the Uber drive who brings her home. So naturally he beats the hell out of these guys and takes their phones. Problem is he makes a point of telling one of them to make sure he gets a 5 star rating (which is also wrong, apparently Uber doesn’t work that way, you don’t know who gives you each separate rating) and he gives him the rating! So much for protecting her identity and keeping the phones.
Final Thoughts:
Despite being negative I still enjoyed this movie. Denzel has a presence on screen and it’s hard to watch him and not enjoy it. He also really shows his brutal side her and I’ll admit I quite like to watch fight scenes, as long as not graphic and this movie almost never is. So first off, please don’t bring your kids to this, violence, language and drug use certainly make this ages 18+. So while there is better movies out there (Mission Impossible: Fallout for one, my review of that coming soon) if you really enjoyed the first one and/or love Denzel, I give it a mild recommendation. This should be the last one but it’s Hollywood so its all about dollar signs. 7 out of 10 from me, until next time, I hope you’re enjoying your summer!