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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (original title)
PG-13 | | ActionAdventureFantasy | 15 December 2017 (USA)


Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.


Rian Johnson


Rian JohnsonGeorge Lucas (based on characters created by)

Initial Thoughts:
Of course there was no doubt in my mind I would see this movie. Going to a new Star Wars movie every December has become a great tradition. I try hard to avoid spoilers and I did a good job with this movie (what I learned was vague enough that nothing was spoiler I care about.) That said I can’t talk about this movie without going into details, A LOT happens. So I’ll say right away SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned.
Main Points:
I saw this a few weeks ago but with all the usual Xmas activities, moving, unpacking and then New Years stuff, I’m only just getting to it now. This is a very different Star Wars movie. Luke is not the hero we knew, the destruction of his academy, the death of the students and the betrayal by Klyo Ren (Ben Solo) has nearly broken him. When Rey finds him he is no desire to train her, it was an interesting twist but one that makes perfect sense. While Rey badgers Luke (and explores a new power she has with the force), the rebels get a severe beating by the First Order. If you thought “Empire Strikes Back” was rough, you haven’t seen anything yet!
I was amazed at how badly things go for the Rebels, destroying Starkiller Base apparently had no effect at all. With the destruction of the Rebels main base (Coursant) they have just hunted them all down. Leia almost dies in the first half hour of the movie! Thankfully she uses a force power (another we had never seen before) to save herself.
I’m not going to discuss the whole plot, just a few more points that really impressed me. There are many parrells here to “Empire” but things quickly change as we see that Rey is going to immediately try to bring Ben back to the light side and confront Supreme Leader Snoke! I was not expecting this and I was also quite surprised when Klyo killed Snoke!
This movie is full of twists and turns, it was a wonderful scene when we saw a new padawan confront a Sith Lord (I presume, though he never does show a light saber) and once again the good sides triumphs…but actually as Luke said, “this will not going to go the way you think!” Klyo only kills Snoke so he can rule himself and Rey learns that Kylo, unlike Vader, can never be turned back to the light.
I’m dwelling a lot of the serious, this movie is peppered nicely with humor, it is quite possibly the funniest Star Wars ever. All the characters get to shine, Finn, Poe, Luke, Leia, Chewy, Rey, BB8, General Hux, Yoda (yeah he’s here!), Maz Kanata (who makes a brief return), Captain Phasma and even newcomer Rose is introduced well.
I could go on and on, this is Star Wars for the modern audience, it pays homage to what has gone before but very much forges its own path. I loved it, the special effects were amazing, all the acting was top notch and Luke’s death scene was beautiful and touching (yeah they did that too!).
Final Thoughts:
The movie isn’t perfect but what film is? It is 2.5 hours and I have to say it was a little long, I think a good 10-15 minutes could have been shaved off without losing anything but that’s just me. I also could help but feel a little ripped off, technically there is no light saber duel in this film (Luke projects himself with the force to another planet, really cool!) and as usual the Jedi’s inability to kill leads to the death of many more people (Rey has a great chance to kill Kylo in this movie but doesn’t take it). These things are minor though and I give it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I plan to see it at least once more in theaters, that will make it only the 2nd movie I’ve seen more than once in theater recently (the other being “Logan” that I dearly loved). I highly recommend this movie, don’t be one of those fans, its different from the first six, it supposed to be that way! Things change, Star Wars is a film franchise and they have to keep it fresh and interesting. See it in IMAX 3D, go with someone you care about (or by yourself) and realize how lucky we are to have a new Star Wars movie every year that are all awesome! Don’t bring a little kid thought, this is probably the most violent and even gory Star Wars movie ever, ages 13+, until next time (which will be a shorter review, promise!).