Details from IMDB:

Remember (2015)



With the aid of a fellow Auschwitz survivor and a hand-written letter, an elderly man with dementia goes in search of the person responsible for the death of his family.


Atom Egoyan


Benjamin August

Initial Thoughts:
I’ve always been fascinated with WWII in general and Nazi Germany in particular. To be clear, the Nazi’s did horrific deeds and I in no way agree with any of them, it was just an unbelievable time in human history and I enjoy most movies/documentaries that explore this topic. This movie I had heard about from a film critic, Jimmy Martin, and finally got around to watching it a few days ago.
Main Points:
This is, for the most part, a very serious, often depressing movie. Christopher Plummer, who is always good, puts in an amazing performance as an elderly Jewish man suffering from dementia who has just lost his wife. The movie is a little slow at first but quickly gets going once he sets up on his quest to find the man who murdered his family some 70 years ago in a concentration camp.
It’s a great idea for a movie, who would ever suspect an elderly man to be wandering around Canada and the US murdering people? There are actually a few funny parts here to break up the tension and a nice duality as one person searches for a killer, while the family search for their missing father (he snuck out of an old-age home). Everything that happens in the movie makes sense (he has help from a friend at the old-age home and writes notes on his hand and wrist to help himself when he forgets.)  As a side note I was also very impressed to learn that Christopher Plummer trained as a concert pianist and it is him playing the piano every time during the movie, also at 90 he still does his own stunts!
Final Thoughts:
There is a big twist at the end (which I didn’t see coming) which is very satisfying and I won’t spoil. The movie demonstrates that older actors just as Plummer can still put in an amazing performance. I loved this movie and give it a solid 8.5 out of 10, if you’re in the mood for something different I highly recommend it. There is violence and strong language, so please don’t let children watch this, ages 17+. Next will be my review of Rogue One!