Details from IMDB:

My Online Bride (2014)




Emma Young

Initial Thoughts:
This was on Netflix and I’ll admit I’m a little obsessed with any documentary about love, sex, relationships or online dating (or marriage). It was getting late but as this was short (less than an hour) I decided to give it a watch.
Main Points:
I’m not sure why this gets such a terrible rating. It’s a TV documentary so they don’t have the budget of bigger budget documentary film maker (or one made by Netflix either), so the camerawork and production values are a little amateurish. It’s a good, simple concept though about how 3 men look for love on the internet (and travel to far off places).
It shows how one company provides false hope (and really takes a lot of money for doing a good job of matchmaking), another helps a young man to grow up (and lose his virginity) and another meets his wife and she moves to England to live with him. The third story is the best by far, the other two give almost no information about the women the men pursue, it actually shows life for Sky (don’t remember how it’s spelled), who lives in Thailand and her motivation for leaving her home (and son temporarily) behind.
Final Thoughts:
I’m almost always in the mood for these relationship documentaries. I suppose it’s because I’m an example myself of meeting someone online (granted not from a different country). I met my wife over 18 years ago and we’ve never been happier. I had some negative experiences sure but just like this documentary I know you can find love online, if you’re careful and persistent, it’s a modern day way to find love. So while I thought this was too short (you really don’t know for sure what happens to any of the men or women), I still liked it. I give it 6.5 out of 10 and would recommend it to someone who is interested in this subject and doesn’t mind an amateurish and rather short documentary on it. It does feature adult language and is not for children, ages 13+.