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Logan (2017)



In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.


James Mangold


James Mangold (story by), Scott Frank (screenplay) |2 more credits »

Initial Thoughts:
This is going to be a longer review, just to let you know. I have seen every X-Men movie in theaters (yes that includes the horrendous X-Men Origins: Wolverine). I’ve never been a huge X-Men fan (I’ve only read some of the comics), the same goes for Wolverine, it’s only the past few months that I’ve actually been following a Wolverine series. That all said I have always loved Wolverine as a character and in particular Hugh Jackman IS MY WOLVERINE, he has been since he first pulled out the claws in 2000. Now 17 years later I had heard that Jackman puts in a great performance in a gritty/adult story set in the near future, I was excited and happy to see Jackman get the send off he deserved.
Main Points:
I want to say right away I LOVED this movie. I’ll say without a doubt this is Jackman’s best performance as Wolverine and it is the best X-Men movie to date. This is the Wolverine movie I always wanted, violent, dark, full of swearing and still containing hope and just a little bit of humor. Jackman gives everything he has and it shows, while it is sad to see Wolverine in his older/weakened state the story here is excellent and he has plenty of moments where the Wolverine I’ve always loved shines through.
Patrick Stewart does an excellent job as Professor X, who is by now elderly with a degenerative brain disease. After doing some research it turns out this is first time ever Stewart lost weight for a role. It is also interesting that every time Wolverine picks him up it is really Hugh Jackman doing it, not a stunt double.
This movie feels very grounded and realistic, the mutants are almost gone from the world and most people don’t even know Wolverine is still alive. I’ll also add here that I was surprised by Stephen Merchant who is really good here as the albino Caliban. I don’t want to give too much about the story. I made a point not to read the “Old Man Logan” mini-series so I wouldn’t know exactly what happened.
I can, however, talk about X-23, otherwise known as Laura. The previews makes it clear that Laura is related to Logan and I have to say Dafne Keen is also excellent and I hope we will get to see her as X-23 again. Ok I lied, I can’t talk anymore about this movie without….
So this is not a happy movie. First Professor X dies (by no less than clone of Logan), then Caliban and in the end even Wolverine has his last stand. I’m not ashamed to admit I was so invested in the movie and even though I knew it was coming, I was emotional when Logan finally loses his fight. Jackman gave us 17 years and 10 performances, I’ll miss him terribly and honestly I’m not sure if I can ever see anyone else play Wolverine. This movie had everything I wanted, plenty of action, some fun scenes, great director, great story, excellent special effects and of course amazing acting from all those involved.
I’ll also add that the way they actually use comics books in the movie, brilliant touch. And yes I’ve check, none of the issues shown can actually be bought, they were created for the movie. It was great fun to see Wolverine looking these comics and seeing the old yellow and blue costume version of himself. To hear him talk about the old days, talk about the ones he’s lost. How he desperately hopes for quiet days with Professor X and while he is reluctant hero, ultimately he saves all of the “New Mutants” (excellent tie-in to a future movie by the way!) at the cost of his own life.
Final Thoughts:
I could only find one small flaw with this film is X-24 (Logan’s brainwashed clone). He seems to show up only to kill Professor X and ultimately Logan (and of course advance the plot). I never read the comics (so I don’t know if X-24 was in there or not) but it feels tacked on here. Other than this small flaw this movie is fantastic and I give it my first 9 out of 10 in two years. If you are any kind of Wolverine, comic book, X-Men, Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart fan you NEED to see this movie. I give it an extremely high recommendation. I’d also like to add that how the director made this movie like a western? Brilliant, just a great idea. When Laura buries Logan at the end and quotes a passage from Shane was a perfecting ending for Logan and then when she turns the cross on it’s side to make an “X”, I couldn’t have imagined any other way for it finish. I’ll also save you the trouble, no post-credit scene and I suspect we really have seen the end of Hugh Jackman as Logan, though I would love to be wrong. Do yourself a favor and see this, but please don’t bring your kids, ages 18+ for violence, nudity and language.