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Justice League (2017)



Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.


Zack Snyder


Chris Terrio (screenplay by), Joss Whedon (screenplay by) |9 more credits »

Initial Thoughts:
Superman and Batman have always been my two favorite comic book characters. Batman is really the top one for me, despite that in recent years I’ve come to read way more Marvel than DC (which is mainly due to Marvel Unlimited app). All that said I still love a few DC characters (most of them are in this movie) and I was excited to see it despite what most of the critics said. I even saw it in IMAX (which people who read this blog knows it’s not something I often do.)
Main Points:
I’ll be the first to say DC has had issues with their recent movies. Batman VS Superman was terrible and Suicide Squad wasn’t a lot better. Wonder Woman, however, was excellent and I enjoyed this movie right from the start. Sure it would have been better for their to have been a Cyborg, Aqauman and Flash movie first to establish the characters in the movie universe, but DC must have felt behind Marvel Studios and pushed ahead.
Batman is a lot more enjoyable in this movie and I feel that written well Affleck is able to play him. Gadot shines as before, she is Wonder Woman for me. I was pleasantly surprised with Momoa’s take on Aquaman. As my friend says he is “Aquabro” but does a good job and adds fun to the role. I liked Cyborg and was only mildly annoyed by Flash, I never liked the Flash comics anyway so it’s not a surprise for me. To talk anymore I’ll have to add….
I suppose it’s possible some people don’t know this, Superman is brought back to life in this movie. This was a great part and really showed just how powerful the Man of Steel is. He is able to beat up the whole team and hurts Batman worse than any of the villains (Bruce did have it coming after he tried to kill him).
The special effects here were good, they story was fine, some funny parts, good dialogue and a lighter tone was a pleasant surprise (no doubt due in part to the work Joss Whedon did finishing this movie up) and all the characters got a chance to shine. I also enjoyed how DC has gotten with the program and there is end credit scenes (yes two) as Marvel always does.
I don’t know why this movie isn’t doing better and fans are asking for a Zack Snyder cut, it’s a good movie and a step in the right direction for DC films. I am looking forward to Aquaman and (I hope) more Justice League films.
Final Thoughts:
See this movie in IMAX. While the effects weren’t made for IMAX, they are still good and for a movie with a lot of action it works well (plus you get to pick your seats, always a good thing if the movie theater is in a busy mall). I give it a solid 8 out of 10. It never feels long, keep me smiling and was a treat for me as a minor DC (but major Batman/Superman) fan. Please don’t bring kids, ages 13+. My only serious flaw with this movie is the villain, he just feels one-sided and hokey but that seems to be the case in all the DC movies lately, hopefully they can fix that in the future. So I do recommend this to any DC/comic book/action film fan, see it to escape from your family on Thanksgiving (kidding!) or at least before Star Wars in December.