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It (2017)

| | DramaHorror | 8 September 2017 (USA)


A group of bullied kids band together when a shapeshifting demon, taking the appearance of clown, begins hunting children.


Andy Muschietti


Chase Palmer (screenplay), Cary Fukunaga (screenplay) |2 more credits »

Initial Thoughts:
I’m a Stephen King fan, I can’t say I’ve read everything he’s done (I think few people can) and I’ll admit that I never actually read “It” but I’m always interested when a new movie comes out based on one of his story’s. As with Dark Tower (which I never saw because it was supposed to be terrible), I waited for reviews and this time since they were good (excellent for the most part) we went opening weekend.
Main Points:
I’m old enough to have watched the made for TV version back in 1990 (and yeah I appreciate the new version being released 27 years later! 🙂 so I was very interested to see what they’d do here. Quickly I found that they made it more adult (that’s obvious with how they dealt with Georgie)  and it’s just almost better in every way. Really though I should stop comparing, the first was made with the limits of TV and special effects at the time, the movie had no such problems.
I think they captured the creepy feeling of the town of Derry (and many of the people in it) and instantly made the “losers” (as the group of heroes call themselves) instantly likable, despite all their flaws and issues. Of course it’s very important Pennywise be played well and he is, Bill Skarsgård does and amazing job. As the movie is a smash hit I’m certain they’ll get him back for the sequel.
I’ll admit here that while I’m familar with the book of course (and have loved King’s writing for a long time) I never actually read it, shocking I know! I just have an issue with very long books, in truth though as I have gotten to love audio books I may listen to it sometime, but I digress. The journey the losers take is not just one to hurt Pennywise but also to fight off bullies, get past their own fears, hangups, insecurities, along with (for some of them) dealing with terrible parents and other difficult adults in their lives.
The special effects are amazing, great action scenes. Some great humor mixed in with the scares, not too much gore and a fascinating/creepy story along with one of the truly most evil villain’s you could ever imagine, what else could you ask for in a horror film?
Final Thoughts:
That last question was a bit of a trick. For me I could have asked it to be shorter and not have a false ending (you’ll notice it). For those reasons I give it a solid 8 out of 10 (rather than something higher). 10-15 minutes taken off would have made this movie even better, as would a certain dangling thread (and no I don’t mean Pennywise! I know what happens with him) being tied up. A hearty recommendation from me, a must see for any King fan but I think the same is also the case for any horror fan. Please don’t bring small children, I saw people in the theater I went who looked way to young to be there (some were maybe 10 or 11) with their parents! Ages 17+ for violence, coarse language, disturbing scenes, some gore and generally adult subject matter. I’m already looking forward to part 2!