Details from IMDB:

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)



WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to win the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.


Mel Gibson


Robert Schenkkan (screenplay), Andrew Knight (screenplay)

Initial Thoughts:
Let’s get it out of the way, I don’t like Mel Gibson as a person. He has very extreme views and has said and done some terrible things but I can separate that from the fact that he is a talented (Oscar winning in fact) director. I read a review of this movie and since I love WWII movies (I actually love most any war movie) I knew I had to see it.
Main Points:
The first half of this movie is a love story/growing up/courtroom drama, then it gets into some real blood and guts action during a battle in Pacific in 1945 (near the end of the war.) I was pleasantly surprised to see Andrew Garfield turn in an excellent performance as Desmond Doss. Hugo Weaving is also quite good here as his alcoholic broken father (who is pretty nasty for most of the movie).
Of course I have to mention Vince Vaughn, while he doesn’t play a big role I thought he was excellent here as the drill Sergeant. For a WWII movie there is also a nice spattering of light moments and even a few genuine laugh out loud ones. Also important here is the Doss was a real solider (and is, in fact, shown in a interview at the end of the movie). His story is an incredible one, a conscientious objector who refused to touch a gun, went to war as a medic and single-handily saved almost 50 men.
Be prepared there is graphic violence, though I never felt it gratuitous, that shows just how terrible war is. With that there is comradely and heroism, along with the important message of sticking to your beliefs/convictions even in something as horrible as a war. Mel Gibson did a wonderful job directing and I think should at least be nominated for an Oscar.
Final Thoughts:
I loved this movie, everyone turns in great performance. I never felt the violence went too far (in terms of gore I mean), excellent special effects and about as happy an ending as you can get for a war movie. Garfield shows real growth from his Spider-man days and it’s great to see Vaughn tackle a serious role well. To be honest I wanted to see more and that’s certainly not much of a complaint. I also would have liked more details on how the father became so twisted after WWI and what happened to his brother but again this are minor things. A solid 8.5 out of 10 from me. Please don’t bring children, for all the violence ages 18+. If you like any Mel Gibson movie (or any movie about WWII) you need to see this, a great story that need to be told and huge recommendation from me. Be prepared for blood but also for a hell of a movie.