Details from IMDB:

Beauty and the Beast (2017)



An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.


Bill Condon


Stephen Chbosky (screenplay), Evan Spiliotopoulos (screenplay)

Initial Thoughts:
I can say with certainly that I never saw the animated version of “Beauty and the Beast” and I had no interest in seeing this. I am, however, married and I do believe in compromise. So after “Logan” (which if you haven’t seen GO! I’m dying to see it again) it was her pick, so off we went.
Main Points:
We saw this at a special Thursday showing, it included this free cardboard punch out thing of Beast, free popcorn and a card board lanyard thing you can wear around your neck. It was also in IMAX (but not 3D). I was glad it was at an AMC, I had 3 drinks and spent some time chatting with one of the servers about Logan and this movie. As usual I won’t get into the plot, I’m sure a lot of you know it anyway.
I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy this movie, the special effects, sound, music, costumes and even acting was good. My main problem was the story, it just seems to follow a traditional Disney cliche for most of it (though I’ll admit Elle is not a typical princess by any means.) Oh and I don’t care about the “gay scene” it’s very mild and I think it’s great that Disney is progressive. I’m not gay but if you are, I have always said if you’re not hurting anyone do whatever makes you happy.
I will add that I thought while Beast was done well at times (he is a big, tough monster like creature) at other times he’s WAY to depressed and sappy. When he does finally fight Gaston, it’s a let down for me but I suppose Disney is very careful with violence on screen and it couldn’t have been a bloody beat down (or Gaston’s death, which Beast could have easily done.)
Final Thoughts:
While there were young children in the audience I don’t think it is a good idea. The movie is PG for a reason and I would say ages 8+ (but I’m not a parent, judge for yourself). I can only give this 6 out of 10 a (but I’m not the right target audience) and would only recommend it if you really love Emma Watson (who is good in this and looks great) and/or a fan of the animated version. I also thought at over 2 hours it was long, a good 15-20 minutes could have been shaved off here. Until next time (which I’m not sure what it will be, close to finishing a book but there are some more good movies out soon), have a good one!