Details from IMDB:

Arrival (2016)



A linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.


Denis Villeneuve


Eric Heisserer (screenplay), Ted Chiang (based on the story “Story of Your Life” written by)

Initial Thoughts:
As per usual I check out reviews of a movie before I go, this one got some great reviews (and I have always loved sci-fi movies) so I checked with a friend and off we went last week.
Main Points:
This is my blog and to talk about this movie at all I’ll have to say…
It’s coming, there are two excellent twists that I didn’t see coming but first, the acting here is quite good. Amy Adams is always an actor I enjoy, as is Forest Whitaker and (usually) Jeremy Renner. Aside from a few stinkers Renner continues to grow as an actor and he puts in a solid performance here. The special effects are good (though I would have liked a clearer view of the aliens) and the story moves along at a good pace.
As I’m a Newfoundlander I’ll also add it’s nice to see Mark O’Brien (who was on a NL show called Republic of Doyle) getting work in a big Hollywood movie. Though he has a small role I thought he did a good job and his acting continues to improve. I hope he get’s bigger roles and it’s a case where I can say I’ve actually met an actor (hung out with him a bit in a airport, we were on the same delayed flight).
The movie also has a nice sprinkling of humor and some good dramatic moments (well sad but I mean well acted and fitting). Ok it’s time, so the major spoiler, the aliens that come to earth have a language of symbols which they show us with some kind of ink cloud. Once you learn the language you become non-linear, meaning you can see the future as well as the past and present. This means that the main character, Dr. Banks (Adams) is able to save the world because she can use knowledge from the future. It also means that she knows in advance that her daughter will get sick and die as a teenager, yet she decides to have her anyway.
That, for me, is what makes this movie so good, a fascinating question (really several). What would happen is aliens came to earth? What would you do if you knew your own future? Would you still make the same choices? I’m not having kids but I think I would make at least some different choices, if you could see mistakes made in the future I’d try to avoid them. Then it brings up, do our choices matter? Is our fate decided? The movie doesn’t say one way or another, I think that our choices do matter (in the coming months I think what the USA does matters a great deal, especially with Trump soon in control). I think that if Aliens came (and they weren’t hostile) I’d be curious, even welcoming but the rest of the world…as the election showed many of us are filled with prejudice and hate.
Final Thoughts:
That got dark, the movie though (for the most part) is a hopeful. While it comes down to the wire people do make (mostly) the right choices here and if aliens ever did come here (and then leave) it would hopefully be something to unify us all. I love this movie, I give it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I hope it’s at least nominated for an Oscar (or three) but I’m not sure if it will win. A very strong recommendation from me, though as usual not for children, ages 13+. Until next time (which will be something different) have a good one!