Greetings all!

First off I wanted to wish all my American readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! (Here in Canada we have in October). Something I haven’t talked a lot about lately (hopefully that will change) is the author publishing group I’m a part of, Four Phoenixes Publishing.

Four Phoenixes Publishing is proud to announce our holiday specials for our authors’ books. If you have a book-lover in your life, consider giving them one of these great selections.

THE KNIGHT OF CUPS by Kevin Wright


While investigating a gangland murder, Chicago Police Detective Tom Chapel discovers that the world is darker than he’d ever dreamed possible — a world where evil is very real, where creatures like vampires gather in dark alleyways, and where the most dangerous predator isn’t always what you’d think. Are Chapel’s experience and skills as a cop up to the task, or are they a liability? And just who is Pieter Durant? There are things hunting in the night that even the monsters fear…


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Also (of course) I couldn’t this opportunity go by without mentioning my own books. I know have 3 books in my Newfoundland Vampire series and I’ve discounted all of the Ebook versions on Amazon and Smashwords (if you’d like a print copy I’ve even discounted that through my store). All of these prices will only be in effect on 11pm ET Monday November 28th, so it’s a great time to pick them up!

NFV I FrontSummary:

Like many geeks, Joseph O’Reily has always fantasized about being a vampire.

Then one night Cassandra Snow walks into his life and he learns that not all dreams should come true. Cassandra has plans for him – plans for eternity.

As his world begins to turn upside down, Josephs wrestles with the changes to his everyday life. Eternal youth and amazing power come at a price that might be higher than he can afford. Vampires may not be human, but Joseph is determined to hold on to what he values most—his humanity.





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Book II and Book III of my series

I’m a slow reader so I haven’t had a chance to read Kevin’s book yet BUT I did have the pleasure of reading Joe’s the past summer. It’s a an excellent book and I would highly recommend it, here’s the details:

RABBIT IN RED by Joe Chianakas



Bill Wise has blood in his past, so he turns to horror films to wipe it clean. Jaime Stein has felt the betrayal of death, so she too takes refuge in the on-screen deaths of others. Now Bill, Jaime, and seventeen other horror-loving teens have gathered at Rabbit in Red Studios, the brainchild of eccentric horror producer Jay “JB” Bell, for the terror-filled, blood-drenched contest of their lives.

JB has presented this competition as a race between the best of the best that will reward the winners with cash, internships, and a career making the movies they love. But things aren’t always as they seem at Rabbit in Red, and soon life starts to imitate art. Will Bill and Jaime be strong enough to confront real horror to save their friends, or will they all fall victim to JB’s twisted plans?




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Finally I would be remiss if I did not mention Jennifer L. Gadd, her book would also make a fine addition to any collection:

CAT MOON by Jennifer L. Gadd

Emma has big problems. She has no family and no home. She wanders the streets of The Warren, scavenging for her next meal and trying to keep warm. Haunted by the memory of a mother she barely recalls, Emma dreams of being a part of a real family. She is helped in her search for belonging by an assortment of eccentric characters: a friendly shopkeeper and his cranky uncle, the nice woman who runs the local mission, a ditzy cat lady, and a good-natured prostitute with a drinking problem.

Her biggest obstacle, however, is that every full moon, she turns into a feral cat! Emma is one of the Were. She and those like her are ruthlessly hunted by the captain of the Were-Guard, whose religious zealotry makes him especially dangerous. When the sinister Bram Fitzwilliam enters the picture to assist the Guard, Emma is in more danger than ever. Before she finds what she’s looking for, Emma must find a strength and courage she never knew she had. Her journey will teach her that dreams don’t always come true the way you want them to, that people aren’t always what they seem, and that real families can be chosen.