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The Newfoundland Vampire – Book III: The Gathering Dark

The Newfoundland Vampire Book III: The Gatherineg DarkSeries: “With Anne and Cassandra at his side, Joseph battles against the evil Countess Bathory, in the hopes of not just defeating her but striking a pre-emptive blow against the council. Joseph takes on his greatest challenge. If he wins, good will prevail. If he fails, the destruction of the entire world. With a lot riding on him, Joseph can only hope for help from old friends and new allies alike.”

Published July 22, 2016, 230 pages, Four Phoenixes Publishing

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The Newfoundland Vampire – Book II: Killer on the Road

Series: The Newfoundland Vampire Paperback: 196 pages Publisher: Penumbra Publishing (August 30, 2013) Joseph O’Reily is still adjusting to the lifestyle and the dangers that come with being a new vampire. He and Cassandra recently fought to the death with Cassandra’s estranged husband John Snow, and now Joseph has experienced his first ménage a trios, as only a vampire can. As if all of this was not complicated enough, he and Cassandra have been tasked with hunting down and killing a rogue vampire, Donald Rathmore. Another of John Snow’s creations, Donald is an evil misogynistic killer in his own right. Donald has no interest in avenging his creator’s death, but killing Cassandra is at the top of his list. While Donald continues his murderous spree, Joseph and Cassandra always seem to be one step behind him.

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The Newfoundland Vampire – Book I

Series: The Newfoundland Vampire Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Distinguished Press (April 20, 2015) 11132199_738291536707_1043323700_o

Like many geeks, Joseph O’Reily has always fantasized about being a vampire.

Then one night Cassandra Snow walks into his life and he learns that not all dreams should come true. Cassandra has plans for him – plans for eternity.

As his world begins to turn upside down, Josephs wrestles with the changes to his everyday life. Eternal youth and amazing power come at a price that might be higher than he can afford. Vampires may not be human, but Joseph is determined to hold on to what he values most—his humanity.

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