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Publisher’s Summary

Here at Audible, we know just how much of an impact a voice can have on a story – taking simple words and filling them with elation, wonderment, tragedy, or pure satisfaction. We rely on our narrators every day to bring our favorite stories and characters to life – to introduce us to new authors and genres, or even to a new (perhaps longer) commute. And though our narrators are the best story tellers in the business, it’s usually someone else’s that they’re telling.

This holiday season, as our gift to you, we asked 19 beloved performers to share their own personal holiday memories. With each story – some that will make you laugh, some that deal with loss, many that are filled with love and revelation – we, the listeners, get to know the person behind the voice with which we’ve grown so familiar.

We had a lot of fun putting this together, and we wholeheartedly thank our narrators for so generously sharing their voices and helping to brighten our holiday season.

From all of us here at Audible – happy holidays and happy listening!

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Initial Thoughts:

Like everyone else who is an Audible member (though I’ll admit I won’t be for much longer, I have so many books already paid for and waiting to be listened to I can easily quit for months), I got this book for free. As this summer I am catching up on my reading I finally listened to it last week (though it was weird listening to a Xmas book in summer).

Main Points:

This is an odd collection. It’s Xmas memories from narrators who work with Audible. Most of them are interesting, fun and happy, while a few are just odd and others rather sad and depressing. They certainly aren’t all wonderful tales but still I found myself enjoying this very short collection.

Under two hours this can easily be finished in one sitting (especially if you speed up the rate as I do do 1.25 speed). I the only ones that stood out for me where Michael Kramer and Kate Reading’s holiday tales. Michael Kramer did all the Wheel of Time audio books (several of which I listened to). One the Wheel of Time books was done with Kate, I didn’t realize they are husband and wife until I listened to this. Michael’s tale was also quite funny and relate-able to me as I live in a place with very long winters, small population and isolated communities.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed this for what it is, a freebie at Xmas time for the readers. It obliviously was cheap to produce as they have all these narrators under contracts anyway I would assume and it does seem a little slapped together in terms of themes (and length, why not make it longer and have some other big names like Stacy Keach?). I give it 6.5 out of 10 and only the mildest recommendation. If you really love these narrators and want to hear about their Christmas stories, maybe give it a listen, it’s something to entertain you on a long car rider I suppose.