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Publisher’s Summary

The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, the Clients, the Truth takes you inside the life of a call girl as she spirals into a world of glamour and secrets and expose.

When a scandalous news story splashed across mainstream media about an elite escort agency in Las Vegas, people were shocked to learn there was a tiny mastermind behind the company: a small town girl from Oregon named Jami Rodman who went by the pseudonym Haley Heston.

Meet the secret society of high-end escorts and the men who hire them.

Discover the highly lucrative business of sex as Rodman reveals the hidden websites and layers of complex networking to satisfy man’s endless desire for sex.

Timed with the 2007 collapse, Vegas cultivated a new, unprecedented class of call girls…ones with brains, beauty and savvy. Together with her agency, they cleaned up the soiled reputation of prostitution in Las Vegas.

Weathering competition from desperate, violent, and successful pimps and madams, hosting swanky parties, and serving clients in cities that spanned the globe, her agency ruled the oldest profession for several years until one of her star escorts, Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton, canceled on a jealous and disgruntled client…he wrote an email at 2 AM to the online Smoking Gun. Haley Heston, the Las Vegas Madam, was outed.

The Las Vegas Madam is a provocative memoir of one girl’s journey into prostitution and how quickly a fast-paced life built a wedge between her and the very thing she was seeking to begin with love, friendship and meaning. She replaces loneliness with companionship, both as a hired prostitute and recreationally.

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Initial Thoughts:
Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a healthy interest in sex. I think most people do. I’ll admit that I am a little fascinated with prostitutes. I have never and will never avail of one but to listen to the personal stories of one sounded like a good book to me, so last year I got this book from Audible and the past month or so I finally got a chance to listen to it.
Main Points:
Obviously this book is for adults. Parts of it are very graphic. I’m very hard to offend and nothing in the book offended me, I believe that a woman (or man) has the right to do whatever they want with their body.  I do feel, however, that it would have been better if she started with a little backstory before diving right into life as a prostitute. It off in a rather jarring way. She immediately talks about having rings inside her vagina (these are to strengthen the muscles) and then putting these rings in a client’s hand. Whatever you’re into, the guy doesn’t mind. What happens soon after is surprising though, she is having sex with the client and starts talking about the atrocities committed against people all over the world, while there in America people are celebrating sex and glorious abundance and waste. I agree that a lot of people are wrapped up with their own lives, get caught up in the idea of getting material wealth and lose track of what’s really important in life and how those less fortunate suffer around us every day. Again I was just taken aback that she would put in such serious issues, it certainly took away any sexual excitement while listening to this scene.
After that, however, I got used to her style and quite enjoyed the book. There are some issues with it, she says she couldn’t remember her first time with a client and then goes on to describe it. I don’t think she has a bad memory (the book indicates she is quite meticulous and has an excellent memory), rather something that her editor (if she had one) just never caught. While the book does show the dangers and risks prostitutes (and in this case a heavy drug user for at least a year), it also does display Jami as a woman who embraces her sexuality. There are times she was with clients (and boyfriends) that she was enjoying herself physically and relishes in the sex. She herself says she has an ability to know exactly what a man wants and how to please him (or her).
So there are some really nice steamy scenes both with men and women (including a three-way). She also pulls no punches when describes some scenes of BDSM and of her (and other women) pegging a man (if you don’t know these terms you’ll just have to goggle them). Once it gets to the point in her life where she is no longer a escort but rather running an agency, the sex scenes disappear and instead we get a great tale of her she broke into this industry and made her company a huge success. Jami is a woman with a lot of issues but her strength, intelligence and perseverance made an impression on me. In the end she is forced out her business when a reporter exposes her and an ex-Olympian who worked with her company. She impressed me, someone so sexually free and (in the end) so in touch with her thoughts, feelings, desires and ultimately able to find happiness in herself. She truly believes in helping people and is someone I would love to meet or even just chat with someday. I interviewed an escort on my blog before and I would love to interview her sometime.
Final Thoughts:
Please don’t let children listen to this book. Due to its very graphic nature I would say ages 19+. I quite enjoyed this book and give it a solid 8 out of 10. Anyone who is not offended by the subject matter and wants to join this woman on a journey of discovery should pick it up. Until next time, have a good one!