Charles O’Keefe

Charles O’Keefe

Hello I am Charles O’Keefe and this is my website. This will be mainly a professional one where I talk about my  writing projects, along with some personal information about me. Speaking of which, I’m currently living in the beautiful province of  Newfoundland where I am a co-owner of O’Keefe Agencies.

As regards to my personal life I’m happily married and we have two furry children named  Jude and  Eleanor. I enjoy many hobbies such as walking, Pilates, writing, reading, movies, gaming, television,  poker, martial arts and of course vampires (not the sparkly kind!).

Lately I’ve been very focused on writing; and my first novel, ‘The Newfoundland Vampire’, was rel-released in April, 2015. You can buy it here, the second book “Killer on the Road” was re-released, also by Distinguished Press, in November  of 2015 and the third is forthcoming.

I believe in  animal rights  and I have been a strict  vegetarian  for many years. I also believe in helping to  save our planet  and trying to  help people whenever I can.  I would also describe myself as  Agnostic. I have a BA in English along with Masters in education which provided me with a brief teaching career. If you’d like to chat I can be contacted several different ways. Finally to see what I feel needs to be talked about go  here.

Thanks and have a nice day.